“D” Laundromat

18 June 2014,

For all other personal clothing items visit “D” Laundromat located at 16-36 Riedel Street or give us a call at (780) 792 – 5208 for more information. “D” Laundromat Services:

Laundry Services

18 March 2013,

Coverall offers a full service drop off and pick up laundry service catering to industrial work garments. We will wash, dry and do repairs upon request.

Alterations And Repairs

18 March 2013,

When it comes to clothing alterations and repairs, we know our stuff. We offer a high-quality service with fast turnaround at a very competitive price.

Custom Identity Services – Branding

18 March 2013,

Personalized apparel boosts your corporate image, improves workplace performance and security. It raises your customers’ trust and confidence in your products and services. COVERALL is able to apply your logo to industrial work apparel, uniforms, team polos, hoodies & caps, promotional apparel & bags. Form name tags to logos We’ve got you covered!

Entrance Mat Rentals

18 March 2013,

With 25 years of experience COVERALL understands what you want. Quality work coveralls, vests, jackets and accessories to keep you clean, warm, and safe.

Garment Rentals

18 March 2013,

When you participate in our full-service COVERALL Garment Rental Program, up-front clothing investments are eliminated. We outfit employees with Industry Standard work apparel of your choice, provide weekly cleaning, garment maintenance, and issue replacements as necessary.