Label Request Form

25 July 2014, Comments: 0

Label Request Form

Request to Label

Company Name:
Employee Name:
Trade #:
Locker #:
Label to be applied: Outside - Under the collarAbove the Pocket - Left or RightInside under the size label
# of Garments to be labelled:


  1. Gather all garments into one place throughout the duration of your scheduled shift (if possible).
  2. Bag all garments that require a new label together in 1 clear bag
  3. Complete the “Request to Label” Form. Be sure to complete all information. Please note that Requests that do have all necessary information provided WILL NOT be completed. Garments will be returned the same way they were received
  4. Place Request Form in the bag with garments, INFORMATION SIDE SHOWING OUTWARD!!
  5. Place full bag into Laundry Bin provided for your specified delivery location

Provided there is sufficient space in the designated bin (cubby), Garments will be delivered back to the specified destination before the start of the next scheduled shift. Please make it a habit to remove all garments from your “Bin” following every delivery day to ensure COVERALL Staff has enough space to distribute.

Please note: COVERALL’s policy is to apply all thermal labels on the outside of garment over the breast pocket either next to or on Reflective striping if applicable. If location is not indicated, COVERALL will automatically apply in this area.