About Us

COVERALL specializes in the cleaning, sales and rental services related to Premium Quality industrial work apparel and entrance mat. Our products are designed to surpass the industry standards. From summer garments to insulated safety apparel, COVERALL has become synonymous with exceptional quality and value to the clientele it serves.

Our company


Our Mission

To provide efficient and cost effective Sales and Rental services of Premium Quality industrial work apparel, entrance mats, laundry services, steam cleaning, linen processing and related value added products/services. Coverall seeks to develop the most creative, eco-friendly and innovative managerial solutions to the delight of our clients.

Our Vision

To be the industry leader in providing highly effective, Eco-friendly Sales and Rental services of Premium Quality industrial work apparel, entrance mats and related products/services to the delight of our clients in Fort McMurray, Alberta and the whole of Canada.

Why Choose COVERALL?

  • We are a locally owned “Truly Canadian Business”
  • Right Price, Quality and Service ! ! !
  • Walk-in store-front with friendly local face-to-face service!
  • Sales / Rentals / Cleaning
  • Uniform sizing service / Custom company branding labels / Embroidery / RFID
  • Large inventories of quality fire retardant coveralls and insulated work wear stocked Locally Available TODAY ! ! !
  • Servicing all major plant sites 24 / 7 offering day and night, Same Day Delivery Service!
  • No matter where you’re working in the region you can get “Service” with Coverall
  • You know you’re doing the right thing for the environment.