“D” Laundromat

18 June 2014, Comments: 0
30 years and counting!

Door to door Pick-up and Drop-off service available
call to schedule your pick-up (780) 792 – 5208

d-laundromatInstead of a day of laundry come in and have one of our professional attendant wash, dry, and fold while you enjoy a lunch date.

If we pick-up 24 hour turn around on drop-off
Same day pick-up if you drop-off

Coin laundry
20lb, 30lb, 60lb capacity washers & dryers

Including Comforters and Sleeping Bags

Open 9am – 9pm
7 days a week

For personal clothing items visit “D” Laundromat located at 16-36 Riedel Street OR
give us a call at (780) 792 – 5208 for more information.