Garment Rentals

We deliver what you need on time and ready to wear at honest & affordable prices.

Garment Rental Program

When you participate in our full-service COVERALL Garment Rental Program, up-front clothing investments are eliminated. We outfit employees with Industry Standard work apparel, provide weekly cleaning, garment maintenance, and issue replacements as necessary.

Our COVERALL Garment Rental Program includes:
  • Competitive rates
  • Protection from price increases
  • Every garment returned, cleaned and repaired
  • Garment RFID Tracking 
  • All rental garments are in compliance to the Required Safety Standards

We only rent high quality industrial work apparel. Our team of apparel experts is trained and knowledgeable, 
especially when it comes to:
  • Tracking and managing a diverse range of work apparel
  • Spotting and repairing rips and tears
  • Trouble-shooting problems and providing solutions
  • Cleaning and tailoring garments so they look good—and fit well!